Silver Age

These are some comic panels I worked on this week. They are going to be featured on a disney kids show at some point. My niece is a big fan of the show so I snuck her name in there. 
Its hard to find a printer that outputs halftones so I've been relying on photoshop filters. Does anyone know of a cheap printer I could buy that outputs halftones?


Scholarship Wall

Static objects+diagonals=Excitement!!


Plastic Procession

Soo Stoked!

Today I had the righteous honor of getting a studio visit from the legendary Craig Stecyk III and his awesome girlfriend Melanie.
Its hard to see but inside that there ball of light their pointing at is Animal Chin-A very tiny Animal Chin.


Its been a while, so here are some pics from the vault. I'll post some new stuff once the term is over. The Top blue drawing is part of on ongoing series I'm working on about the construction, deconstruction and spatial paradoxes of model railroad sets.


I'm real excited Art Center used my "sanctuary" drawing for the Inside Art Center site.